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Something we like about ropes is not only are they durable, but they serve multiple purposes when it comes to playing with your pup. A rope can get used for tug play, chewing, and even throwing if you find the right rope. KONGs are made from a durable rubber which allows for maximum bounce during playtime. This makes it fun for your pup to jump and grab it in mid-air. It also has a hole drilled through the middle, so this allows you to stuff treats inside.

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If your dog loves rope toys, this is a great pick that’s also inexpensive. It’s available in various sizes too, so your dog can have the right size toy. The fibers in the rope also help floss your dog’s teeth.

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All of the sides of the toy also help massage your dog’s gums. These toys are not only adorable, but they are pretty chew-proof, too. Since these toys are tightly woven rope, your dog will have a much more difficult time tearing them apart than their plush counterparts. A lot of the appeal behind chew toys for dogs is a squeak. Often, very active dogs will destroy the squeaker, which destroys their interest in the toy, as well. The KONG is an essential for anyone whose dog loves to chew.

The Ultra Ball fared much better with just a few teeth marks to show. To start, I show you the best dog tennis ball for most dogs. In our hunt to find the best, we tested and reviewed over 30 different dog tennis balls. But for those who play fetch, whether in an open grassy field or the corridor of your home, a dog tennis chuck it dog toys ball is a substantially better option than a regular tennis ball. Dog tennis balls have been specifically designed for dog use. They can be thrown farther, bounce higher, are easier to clean and hold up to sharp, pointy teeth. Now, you could argue that if you take away the green fuzz, then these are no longer tennis balls.

There is no oversight in the dog toy manufacturing industry, and even buying a toy made in the United States doesn't guarantee a non-toxic toy. You want to avoid toxins like BPA, Lead, Arsenic, Bromine, and more — check out this article for information on how to find a non-toxic dog toy.

Give your dog something easy to catch and fight over in a friendly tug o’ war - thanks to the hollow shape. For a slightly different take on ball launching, try this dog ball stomper that is entirely foot-powered! Made of durable rubber, you simply stomp your foot on the launcher to send the ball sailing .

Nothing bonds you and your pet like a great game of fetch, so grab one of the toys from this list and get out there to celebrate National Fetch Day on October 19th! Check out our list of great dog parks in Brevard county for some safe outdoor spaces to get your fetch on. This one is for all those water-loving retrievers out there! Grabbing a shoreside stick is great and all, but sharp points and flaking can pose some serious health and safety concerns for your dog, including lacerations or choking.